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FÉMIKSZ Huzalfeldolgozó és Szeggyár Kft.

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hard drawn steel wires  -  semi-hard drawn steel wires  -  soft steelwires

hot rolled steel wire rods  -  uncoated steelwires  -  ringed shank nails  -  wirenails

galvanized nails  -  galvanized wires

FÉMIKSZ Huzalfeldolgozó és Szeggyár Kft.

Packaging of nails

Products of Femiksz Co. on palletWire nails are usually shipped in 1 kg, 2,5 kg and 5 kg card-board boxes, placed on pallets and foiled. The quality of the card-board is in accordance with E 1.23.

In case of special customer´s requirement we can offer special packing.

Our boxes are marked with the following characteristics:
- number of EN standard
- the name, type and sizes of the nails
- net weight of the packing unit
- producer´s name and logo.

We can also offer unmarked packing or marked in accordance with the customer´s stickers.